The Author

Anna Chiara Moggia
Anna Chiara Moggia

Instinctive, stubborn, generous and friendly.

An independent and eclectic spirit constantly looking for new adventures and moments of life to be immortalized.
“The sole dependence” is the motto of the journey, of the thirst for discovery towards muffled and distorted cultures from the mediocre and conventional Western view.
A journey that began following the footsteps of a feeling, traces of which remain buried under the sands of Maranjab Desert.
A fascinating discovery through vociferous bazaars, cities with polychrome architecture, dung and mud villages and a handful of fresh pistachios to give life to animated conversations, wet by steaming cups of tea.
Former parliamentary reporter, with about half a century of life marked by cancer, I decided to abandon the political career andpursue one in photography. A succession of events favoring fate and leaving me captivated by fortuitous encounters with counselors approached by chance along the way, who have helped me nourish a latent passion and now, brought into vogue by a country that vaunts among its ruins the smile and the eye directed to the future of its unspeakable inhabitants.

This is Iran through my lens.